My Costume: An Illustrative Evolution

World, this year I’m attending a Halloween Masquerade Party Fundraiser with my boyfriend and I’m beside myself with excitement. I am all for two-person costumes, as long as the concept is fortified by duplicity, not simply a his/hers trashfest. Below is an illustrative evolution of costume ideas, culminating in our final selection, chosen for its gentle humor (the event benefits a local high school education fund) and ease of execution. Without further ado:

1. Meth Cooks
(inspired by our mutual adoration of Breaking Bad)
Costume pro: We could give out blue pop rocks as favors!
Costume con: Where do we find those masks legally?

2. Pilot and Flight Attendant
(I think Bob looks like a pilot, and I appreciate any chance to wear novelty hats.)
Costume pro: Smokin’ hot
Costume con: Gender dynamics, blah blah barf.


3. Pinky and The Brain
(Enormous cartoon plush mice are failproof.)
Costume pro: One is a genius, the other insane!
Costume con: $5,000


4. Surf and Turf
(Bob was never totally on board – PUN intended – zing! – with this one, but literal costumes can be hilarious!)
Costume pro: Bob as a surfer.

Costume con: I would stick turf all over my body.


5. Publisher’s Clearing House Surprise!
(Unwieldy props are hilarious, so I was immediately excited about carrying around an oversized check all night. Also, just for the hell of it, Bob is sporting a blond David Bowie wig and fake mustache along with some too-tight pants and visible chest hair. I will be decked in all-pink pjs with a knock-off Minnie Mouse robe, curlers, and wielding a whisk. Pictures to come!)
Costume pro: Under $100
Costume con: Acting surprised all night


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