Girls of the world, you should really visit Philadelphia.

I’ve called Philly home for the last three years, and I’d like to think that by now I know at least parts of this great city quite well. As a self-proclaimed epicurian, I champion indulgence and aim to suss out all of the good looking, tasting, sounding and feeling things that Philadelphia has to offer those who wander its gridded streets. Today I’m featuring the first five of my favorite ten spots in the city to partake in life’s little girly pleasures.

1. Capogiro is a Philly institution committed to exquisitely curating your gelato-eating, espresso-sipping experience. The baristas at the 21st and Sansom location are happy to accommodate specific requests, generous with free taste tests, and almost-always tip worthy. Snagging an outdoor table in autumn with a cappuccino and a City Paper crossword is a treasured tradition.

2. The Medicinal Garden at the Mütter Museum is my little secret for lunches during the workday. Rarely occupied, it’s a respite amidst the Center City bustle. Currently closed for renovations to the museum, I’m forlorn that my office is soon moving to Old City thus making my days lunching on these peaceful benches few and far between.

3. While I don’t always leave the Franklin Square boutique on North 3rd Street with a paper bag full of new duds, I love visiting this charming store. Often the owner is working, though when she isn’t, her employees are equally hospitable. With both men’s and women’s new and vintage apparel and accessories priced mostly moderately, this boutique often has things I buy and always has things I want. My second favorite and pricier pit stop among the 3rd Street boutiques is Vagabond, located between Arch and Market Streets.

4. Though born blond, I now hit the bottle to maintain my mane and only trust my hair with Sean at Snip, a three-chair salon in Fairmount. With reasonable prices and great customer service, I never leave Snip feeling less than glamorous. Perched on the picturesque corner of Fairmount Avenue and 21st Street, Snip’s neighbor is the eerily beautiful Eastern State Penitentiary which draws lots of pedestrians for colorful people watching.

5. Nail Lounge is hands down (ha!) the best place I’ve been for manicures and pedicures in Philadelphia. A smaller salon with a clean, peaceful atmosphere and attentive service, Nail Lounge is tucked away on Sansom Street between 20th and 21st Streets. I recommend making an appointment during the weekends and after work during the week, since the nail technicians are committed to taking their time in making your nails look fabulous! A complimentary beverage sweetens the deal too.

…6 through 10 to come tomorrow!


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