…Philly Female Favorites, #s 6 through 10!

6. Martha Graham Cracker is the city’s queen of drag. The man behind the mascara is Dito Van Reigersberg, one of local legend Pig Iron Theatre Company’s co-founders. This man can sing. This man can dance. This man simply sparkles on stage with his effortless wit, grace and coy antics. Martha performs all around Philly, but catch her recurring cabaret at L’Etage on the third Thursday of every month.

7. Any time a friend asks where to find a gift for a female, I send them straightaway to Verde. With unique boutique jewelry, bags, accessories, perfume, chocolates (made on site), cards and more, I rarely leave Verde empty-handed. Located just across the street on the busy block of Sansom and 13th Street, Verde’s sister store Open House has quality, high style home goods at reasonable prices.

8. Flowers & Company is the kind of place that sends you out its doors happier than when you arrived. The owner is eager to advise and educate about your bouquet choice, and has thrown a few freebies my way more than once (perhaps because I typically swing by on my way home from work right before closing.) It’s the shop’s bedecked front stoop, though, that never fails to brighten up 19th Street with its blooms and buds.

9. Bodhi Coffee, located on 2nd Street just north of South Street, is a coffee drinker’s chapel. Bodhi’s cozy colonial storefront invites its customers to stop and stay awhile. Featuring Stumptown Roasters coffee, the shop’s baristas take care in crafting zippy espresso. I love starting my Saturday with a velvety latte from Bodhi, and you should too.

10. Zavino in Midtown Village is my favorite slightly-upscale-but-still-affordable dinner spot in the city. With a free flowing wine bar and mouthwatering hand made pizzas, choosing what to order is feat in self-discipline. I preface tomatoey, spicy soppressata atop crackling-thin crust with Zavino’s strawberry beet salad, a refreshing and juicy palate cleanser. Reservations aren’t accepted, but I promise it’s worth the wait.

Now get to it! Indulge, ladies! Guys, don’t fret — next month I’ll bring you my top 10 Philly hot spots for your kind.*

*None of this gender business actually matters. Men, get those pedicures! Ladies, tune in next month! All for one and one for all!


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