(noun) a blue, black, and white bird with pointed feathers on its head

World, for my junior year high school prom, the wackadoos called my classmates chose “Shiny Things” as our theme. This meant that the student rec room known as The Commons was outfitted in sequins, foil, metal and mirrors – anything dubbed “shiny” in fact. I remember recalling from the little I know about ornithology the adorably vain and remarkably human behavior of a nesting Blue Jay. When building new homes, Blue Jays seek shiny things to thatch together their nests. From discarded cassette tape to bottle caps to jewelry, Blue Jays are all about bling. Inspired by my junior prom and the Blue Jay, I’m starting a recurring series called Shiny Things, featuring alluring items for the discerning consumer. At its best, it’s a gift guide. At its worst, it’s my publicly displayed wishlist. Whatever it is, it is…SHINY THINGS*.

*Please note that not all things in this series will actually be shiny.

Check out these beauts!

There is no chance I won’t be making these come Christmas cookie time. For the complete recipe, check out: http://www.pomwonderful.com/pomegranate-recipes/pom-pistachio-thumbprints/

Now that my apartment has big windows with lots of natural light, I’ve got the perfect set up for a Meyer lemon tree. Prices run the gamut depending on how old your tree is at the time of purchase. Call your local nurseries in the spring for availability; I know I will!

Lenora Dame pearl drop earrings,
$32 at Verde in Philadelphia

Rebel Yell opaque nail polish,
$18 at narscosmetics.com

Air Bacara ballet flats in dark teal,
$99.95 at colehaan.com


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