Girls of the world, you should really visit Philadelphia.

I’ve called Philly home for the last three years, and I’d like to think that by now I know at least parts of this great city quite well. As a self-proclaimed epicurian, I champion indulgence and aim to suss out all of the good looking, tasting, sounding and feeling things that Philadelphia has to offer … Continue reading

My Costume: An Illustrative Evolution

World, this year I’m attending a Halloween Masquerade Party Fundraiser with my boyfriend and I’m beside myself with excitement. I am all for two-person costumes, as long as the concept is fortified by duplicity, not simply a his/hers trashfest. Below is an illustrative evolution of costume ideas, culminating in our final selection, chosen for its … Continue reading

World, I’ve begun a blog.

photo by Pete English "How to Solve a Bear", The Groundswell Players

“How to Solve a Bear”, The Groundswell Players, photo by Pete English