Getting to Know 19147

Named after a Lenape village, Passyunk Ave. shares literally nothing else with the tribe.

World, recently I relocated to South Philly from Fairmount. Aside from missing tree-lined sidewalks and Rybread, I’m happy to live in this quirkier, more diverse and storied chunk of the city. Still getting to know my neighbors, I enjoyed balmy October weather with a stroll today down Passyunk Avenue, noting the following places of interest. A year from now, I hope to have my go-to spots on this hip, happening promenade.

Note: No cheese steak establishment will be on this, or any list, I ever write. I firmly stand in the camp that believes this culinary craze is overrated and underwhelming. Will I eat one? Sure. But it’s just like, not that big of a deal people. Not a big deal.

Urban Jungle – Pricy, but full of goodies for the seasoned and novice gardener. Who bought a half-off fennel candle? This girl.

Nice Things – Handmade accessories by Philly designers — need I say more?

Philadelphia Scooters – A committed pedestrian, the cooler more adventurous part of me dreams of one day owning a scooter for some light zooming with attitude.

Ray’s Happy Birthday – Best bar name, hands down. Makes this list on titular merit alone.

Fond – I have yet to patronize this fancy French establishment, but once more coins are in the coffer, you better believe I’ll be elevating my palate with escargot and the like. (BYOB, FYI)

Farmers’ Markets and Block Events & Fall Festival– I still feel like a foreigner amidst the hipster-infused, nonchalant atmosphere on Passyunk, and I’ll probably never really fit in considering my penchant for L.L. Bean. But! I can still run shoulders with my fellow South Philadelphians because gosh darnit, I live here. See you at the beer crawl, and I WILL be wearing a sweater from Macy’s petites, so don’t get judgy.


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